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XFINITY Internet gives you the fastest in-home Wifi, so everyone in your house can do more of what they love online, on any device, all at the same time*. Comcast’s XFINITY INTERNET speeds are so fast that the connection can be shared among portables and tablets at home and also with smart phones. Comcast’s XFINITY is loaded with features and you get your moneys’ worth.

Comcast’s XFINITY INTERNET has a lot of plans to choose from. The plans differ by their download speeds and are priced accordingly. Comcast’s XFINITY INTERNET plans are designed to suit the needs of various user groups and to fit within the budgets of most families. If you host multiple websites or if you are into multiplayer online gaming, then the plan that offers downloads with Comcast internet speeds that reach up to 105 Mbps would be the ideal choice. Online game play with such speeds is an experience like no other.

On the other hand, if basic Internet usage like email communication, chatting and online video streaming is what you are looking for, then the package with download speeds up to 20 Mbps might work best. By knowing your needs, you can pick from a variety of Comcast’s XFINITY INTERNET packages to find the right fit and save a lot of money. XFINITY INTERNET (i.e. Comcast internet service) has a very powerful network frame to make sure that the connections are always up and running.

Comcast’s XFINITY INTERNET doesn’t take network security lightly and along with every connection comes Constant Guard™ at no extra cost. Constant Guard™ is XFINITY’s comprehensive security solution and it includes the Norton™ Security Suite to protect your the computer against viruses, malware and a lot of other online threats. It also has IDENTITY GUARD® to safeguard you from online identity theft by safely handling your website usernames, passwords, banking and credit card information.

Constant Guard™ also has secure backup & share to help you safely store your valuable files. These files can be accessed from anywhere. Comcast’s XFINITY INTERNET also offers up to 7 email accounts with 10 GB storage each. These email accounts can be accessed as Web mail or through mail clients like Thunderbird and Microsoft’s Outlook. Comcast wireless Internet is another convenient option you can get when you subscribe. This feature lets you connect to the Internet from various places around town. Comcast Internet has many WiFi hotspots for you to access. There are over 20,000 XFINITY WiFi hotspots. Subscribers also get access to There are over 3,500 live games that can be streamed online at The games include soccer, football, baseball and basketball.

The installation is fairly simple and easy. The software installation disks, along with step-by-step manuals, are provided. You can also have a local professional come home and take care of the installation. You also get access to highly trained professionals for technical support to help with computer tweaking, virus removal, wireless networking and a lot more.

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