Tired of your old prehistoric TV connection that doesn’t offer you the best you can get? Then switch to Comcast Cable and Internet.

You can be assured with Comcast Cable Internet buffering will become a thing of the past. Without the frustration of interruptions or disturbances, you can now easily streams movies, download music, upload pictures, and all at the same time! The entire family can be online at the same time, because with the incredible download speeds available, you will never have to sacrifice what you love to do.

The Comcast Cable Internet speed network is provided in a variety of plans to make life easier for you. The choice is always yours, which is why many tiered plans exist for you to choose from. Simply check which speeds are best suited to your online habits and choose from the list. With this, you only need to pay for what you use, because you have the choice to select only what you use! Here is the tiered network:

Internet Plans:

• Performance offers up to 12 Mbps downstream and upstream up to 2 Mbps.
• Blast! offers up to 50 Mbps downstream and upstream up to 10 Mbps.
• Extreme 105 offers up to 105 Mbps downstream and upstream up to 20 Mbps.

Internet Benefits:

• Comcast Cable is also available right over the Internet for you! You can select from local TV channels from your area, but also receive Discovery, CNN and Comedy Central in crystal high quality and image. It doesn’t matter if you have a tablet, laptop, iPad® or iPhone®. You can stream pictures online and watch instantly! There are several things you should know about this digital cable service.

Cable Benefits:

• Channels are available in thousands, with shows from around the world, so you will always find something to watch.
• A massive On Demand collection is available with thousands of titles to choose from.
• DVR recordings allow you to schedule, access, rewind and pause even LIVE TV! You can manage the settings from your phone or computer as well.
• A large constantly-expanding library of 3D movies and sports shows makes TV come to life!
• TV Guide helps you see just what shows are on!

In fact, not only are they available separately, but if you wish, you can order the Comcast Cable and Internet Bundle which combines the conveniences of both plans on a single bill. This is made possible when you order either the Double Play or the Triple Play package.

• Double Play: Has Internet and TV, TV and Phone or Phone and Internet bundled together.
• Triple Play: Has Internet, TV and phone services bundled.

Make a choice today, because Comcast Cable Internet plans are truly competitive!