Comcast 19.99 Internet Special with Free Modem and Router

Comcast is an American telecom service provider, who offers easier means of communication, entertainment, and information. They provide Phone, Cable, Internet, and even Home Security (in selective areas) services. They have an array of offers that are carefully tailored for your satisfaction. Comcast 19.99 Internet Special, free modem and router included, is one such bargain.

Comcast upgraded its services, and rebranded it as XFINITY®. One of XFINITYs many remarkable features include their ‘bundled services’. It allows one to clump and acquire2 or more of its services, for your convenience. Its bundles comprise of,

  • XFINITY Double Play
    • Internet + Voice
    • Voice + Cable
    • Cable + Internet
    • XFINITY Triple Play
      • Internet + Cable + Voice

With the usage of fiber-optic cables, XFINITY ensures to provide services of an exceptional quality. These cables are connected directly to your doorstep, and transmit data via pulses of light. It allows for a swifter connection, lesser interruptions in transmission, and better quality.

XFINITY® TV offers a range of additional features to augment our experience.

  • High Definition (HD)

With their HD feature, XFINITY provides a highly improved picture, and sound quality. In HD format, the colors are more vibrant, the images are sharper, and the audio is more defined.

Viewing shows, movies or videos in HD, allows for an enhanced TV viewing experience, in contrast to regular viewing.

  • Digital Video Recording (DVR)

Their DVR feature allows one to record shows, to avoid missing them altogether. You have the option to schedule it to record in advance via your TV, PC, or Smartphone. This enables one to manage their recordings from anywhere.

You can record 2 shows whilst watching a third, simultaneously. With a storage space of over 90 hours, one can record numerous movies, shows, or even whole series. One can even rewind, fast-forward, or pause throughout their recorded shows.

XFINITY TV has a Parental Control feature, wherein one can block inappropriate programs, from a younger viewership.

  • XFINITY On Demand™

XFINITY TV has a vast library of shows, movies, events, from any genre and era. One can employ this feature for a limitless supply of absolute entertainment.

This library is updated regularly in order to avoid monotony.

XFINITY® Internet offers an extremely swift and secure connection, to enable faster accessibility of the World Wide Web, and quick uploading/downloading of files. By applying for the XFINITY Internet service, one can also gain free access to ESPN3, to watch online games, or even view scores and statistics.

XFINITY presents us with a range of offers to provide us with maximum benefits. If you’ve already subscribed for the XFINITY TV service, you can avail their ‘6 months Internet package’ (Economy Package), for a mere $19.99. It comprises of,

  • A Free Cable modem and Wireless router
  • An extremely fast connection, with a downloading speed of 105 Mbps
  • A secure connection with their Constant Guard feature. It includes Norton™ Security Suite, and IDENTITY Guard
  • 7 free e-mail id’s, for the whole family, that can be accessed from any PC or Smartphone.

So, order today to obtain this remarkable ‘cost-effective’ offer, by contacting the above number.