Thinking of doing away with a single Internet connection and going for a more robust Internet package? Then you should know what Comcast Internet Speed Packages have to offer!

With one of the best, and the fastest connections in the industry, Comcast Internet speed offers you the ability to download music at your leisure, stream as many movies as you like, upload pictures, browse the Internet, play games, chat with your friends and visit social networking sites all at once!

All this is possible because the Internet service is provided with the latest technology, so information is exchanged faster than ever. And what’s more, all these features and conveniences are available to you at some of the most reasonable prices in the industry!

Comcast Internet speeds and prices are designed keeping value in mind, which is why a tiered pricing level is introduced. Select a plan with a speed that will be best choice to meet the demands of your online habits. You can choose from single subscriptions or you can choose the Comcast Internet packages that combine TV, phone and the Internet in one! Save money, do more!

There are several advantages you can enjoy with Comcast Internet Deals. With Comcast, internet prices should never be an issue again. Because there are multiple tiers, you can always choose what is most suitable for you.

Here are a few advantages of these packages:

• Get lightning-fast Internet, so you will you can enjoy rapid streaming and downloads.
• Get download speeds of up to 105 Mbps to do all the things you love at the same time: download movies and music, chat with friends, upload and download photographs, stream in HD, online conference
• You get up to 7 personalized email accounts that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, each with a storage space of 10 GB.
• Be safe with top-of-the-line security, offered by Norton™ which protects you from spyware, viruses and spam.
• Set pop-up blockers, Parental Controls and firewall protection.
• Share printers, files and CD drives across the network.
• Get discounts on services like KidZui – an Internet browser for kids with over 2 million games, sites and videos.
• Watch over 3,500 live games on ESPN3.
• Watch thousands of movies and shows On Demand either on TV or online!
• Enjoy not only local channels from your area but also popular ones like Discovery, CNN, Comedy Central – and all in crystal clear digital picture and sound.
• Stream pictures online and watch instantly on your iPad®, iPhone® or laptop with XFINITY Streampix™.