Variety is a way of life with Comcast Internet

Comcast, also known as XFINITY®, is a leading provider of communications and cable TV. Comcast Internet provides a variety of internet plans with variable speeds for different kinds of internet users. Comcast uses a 100% digitized cable for their internet and cable TV services.

Comcast internet speeds vary for different internet packages; users can benefit from consistent upload and download speeds. Users now can surf at download speeds up to 105 Mbps.

There are several different Comcast Internet plans including Performance, Blast! and Extreme 105.
Comcast Internet service provides special features like:

• Constant Guard™ Security Suite
• 7 email accounts with 10GB storage each
• Live games on
• Fast download speeds for online gaming, downloading HD movies and constant speeds while connected to multiple computers

The latest Comcast wireless internet lets you choose your speed between 4G and 3G. Comcast also has 2go wireless internet service, which enables you to stay connected at home or when you are at the office. With 1,000’s of WiFi hot spots all across the country and 1,000’s more being added every day, you can practically stay connected anywhere you go.

Here is more detail about the available Comcast internet packages:

PERFORMANCE: Download speeds up to 12 Mbps; ideal for school and homework for moderate Internet activity.
EXTREME 50: Download speeds up to 50 Mbps; great for gaming and playing online games. This package is also useful for people who spend a lot of time online.

EXTREME 105: Download speeds up to 105 Mbps; great for streaming movies, watching shows and sitcoms online, downloading and uploading pictures, and more. Downloading huge files and watching live games online is done without delay.

To get the maximum from Comcast Internet deals, you can order in a bundle with phone and TV.