All about Comcast® WiFi Internet Plans

If you sign up for a WiFi plan for your home environment, then you need something that is speedy and convenient. You will need the internet connection to remain consistent throughout the day for all your needs. Whether you’re working from home or want to stream an online film with the kids, Comcast WiFi Internet plans are a safe bet.

XFINITY® Performance:

With this plan, you can get download speeds that go up to 20 Mbps. This is a good deal for those users who utilize their computers on a regular basis, but not in a heavy-duty manner. If you fall into this category, then the Performance plan offers great value for money.

XFINITY Blast!®:

This plan takes you one step above the Performance offering from Comcast. Download speeds of up to 50 Mbps can be reached and this is an ideal plan if you have more than four members in your family who use the Internet regularly. This way, each individual will have ample bandwidth to utilize. Streaming entire movies has never been this easy.

XFINITY Extreme 105:

With download speeds that reach 105 Mbps, the Extreme package is designed keeping heavy duty Internet users in mind. This is the perfect plan for those who spend a lot of time on the Web and indulge in regular streaming, downloads, online conferencing and/or multiplayer gaming.

Most customers find that they fall into any of these three categories. Pick one that you know will offer the right kind of connection you require. All Comcast XFINITY plans offer wide coverage, so that your wireless device latches on to the WiFi without any hassles.

All the WiFi Internet plans mentioned here come with these two essential features:

  • Constant Guard®: Major Internet providers use Constant Guard to protect their customers from virus attacks and theft of sensitive data. Signing up for a Comcast XFINITY WiFi plan will see you receive this protection without any additional cost.

You get access to the Norton® Security Suite, thus helping you steer clear of viruses, phishing scams and other online dangers. Valuable data can even be backed up. Customers are also shown how to protect their online passwords.

  • XFINITY® Connect: This is an online interface that manages all your mail, contacts, calendar and lots more. Easily accessible from anywhere, XFINITY Connect also has a dedicated mobile app.

Combining external email accounts with your XFINITY id is an easy way of knowing whenever you receive a mail. The built-in calendar helps you keep track of events while you’re online, and you can even check your Facebook and Twitter feeds

Comcast has some of the most economical WiFi plans in the market and customers enjoy the pay-for-what-you-use feature.