Comcast® Wireless Internet Prices – Tailored for You

Comcast, one of the leading service providers of high speed internet, understands the growing demands of people to connect instantly from wherever they are. That is why it offers the wireless service, XFINITY® WiFi from Comcast, to its subscribers, and even to non-subscribers. Comcast wireless internet prices are affordable for non-subscribers and come at no additional charge for existing customers. Read on to learn more about the service.

What exactly is Comcast Wireless service?

The wireless service from Comcast is a cluster of hotspots that deliver internet connectivity at Wi-Fi speeds, across the city. The service is an exclusive offering to Comcast customers, who are subscribed to Comcast’s Wi-Fi services, which comes as a part of the Performance tier plan or above. People who are not subscribed to Comcast can also access the wireless internet service by purchasing a wireless access pass. The passes come with varying validity periods that range up to an hour, a day and a week. People can then choose a pass depending up on their requirements and get connected instantly through wireless hotspots.

How do I Find a Comcast Wireless Hotspot?

Though the Comcast wireless hotspots are easier to find, to further facilitate people for faster connectivity, Comcast offers the XFINITY WiFi app. This application is compatible with any portable and handheld device like mobile computers, smartphones and tablets. Once installed, subscribers can use this application to locate and find the nearest Comcast hotspot and start surfing immediately. Apart from this, the application even allows users to get directions to a specified hotspot and create and retain a list of preferred hotspot locations.

Connecting to a hotspot:

Connecting to a Comcast wireless hotspot is very simple and can be done in three simple steps.

  1. First, the subscribers have to turn on the wireless service on their device and initiate a hotspot search. The search will detect all possible wireless gateways in the surrounding region including Comcast wireless.
  2. They have to then select the Comcast wireless service that reads ‘xfinitywifi’ and launch their browsers. The browser will redirect the users to a login page. They can then type in their Comcast user name and password and proceed. To facilitate security, Comcast uses a 128bit encryption in the login page. This is the same standard used by banks to secure online payments and transaction.
  3. They can now seamlessly surf the Web at high speeds.

With Comcast’s wireless services, surfing will be as exciting and secure as home. If you are a subscriber, go wireless today and if you’re not, try the wireless pass and become a subscriber today.