Need a wireless internet connection, and wondering where to get it? Simply ask for Comcast Wireless Internet, which gives you high speeds that only require a single router. So, even if your entire family is online at the same time, your online performance should not be affected. Comcast Wireless Internet service lets you be the master of your own home! Connect all your devices – your PC, laptops, phones, tablets, and others to the same connection, because the WiFi connection is compatible with any device!

How does all this work? Well, without the troubles and mess of cable lines and plug-ins, you can get your internet service with the Comcast wireless router installed. There are ways you can get it for free too.

• If you already have a High-Speed Internet modem or a digital voice modem from Comcast, you can get a free router!
• If you have leased a wireless router from Comcast, you can have your monthly fee discounted and keep the router!
• You can even exchange the router if you wish – simply contact Comcast and receive a prepaid shipping box, send back the existing modem and get a new modem absolutely free!
• If you have a Triple Play package, you can get a free Comcast Internet wireless router and a cable modem, in addition to a multimedia package. Just contact customer service and ask for special offers for free equipment. There are always special offers to be taken advantage of from Comcast!

In fact, if you have a Comcast connection, you can get wireless internet while you are not at home—even while on the move? How?

• Special WiFI hotpots provide you with wireless internet access at no extra cost whether you are at a park, in a store or in a coffee shop. You can stay connected without being plugged in, and without cables, which leaves you all the convenience to enjoy the blazing fast internet speeds. Now watch movies, stream videos, check email and chat with friends – even while on the go!

• Internet 2go, a 4G wireless internet service has recently been introduced. If you have a smartphone and want to use the Internet while away from home, 4G connectivity keeps you connected anywhere, because it is available nationwide! You can surf at brilliant speeds, and all you need to do is connect to your mobile broadband device.