The benefits of having a Comcast wireless router at home.

A wireless router is a device that allows you to access the internet anywhere in the house without physical connections. By choosing the Comcast wireless router for your home, you get access to the internet for multiple devices like laptops, mobile smartphones, desktops and touch screen tablets. Accessing the internet without having to sit in one place is a huge plus. Thanks to the wireless router, it is now possible to connect to the internet while sitting in the garden or while working in the garage.

For those who are looking to buy a wireless router, the make and model numbers of all routers will be listed. You can also place an order for Comcast wireless routers online.

Using a Comcast self installation kit, the Comcast wireless router setup is simple enough to do yourself. To create a wireless connection for all internet devices at home, you will need an Ethernet network cable and a cable modem that uses an Ethernet cable, along with the wireless router and the installation kit.

The Comcast compatible wireless router supports two kinds of wireless systems: Wireless – G (802.11g) and Wireless – N (802.11n). The latest wireless – N version has more area coverage and minimizes interference, the N – version also optimizes data channels and increases the sensitivity of all WiFi devices connected. The area coverage and the internet speed can be further enhanced by having an extra antenna on the wireless router. This configuration on the router is known as 1×1 for a single antenna and 2×2 for a double antenna wireless router.
How to secure the Comcast internet wireless router from unauthorized access:

• Change the administrator password.
• Turn off SSID broadcasting.
• Install the latest firmware for the wireless router.

A DSL wireless router or digital subscriber line is the transceiver device that connects the computer or other modems to the telephone circuit that is DSL service configured. The DSL router is also known as a residential gateway. The DSL router manages the connection and sharing of DSL services in a network. DSL router users have to purchase line filters along with their DSL modem or router. The line filters have to be placed between the landline and the wall outlet to prevent the DSL signal from interrupting normal telephone calls.