Blazing XFINITY® Internet speed available - Comcast

Internet is a global system, which connects billions of users across the globe. These days, it is hard to think of performing an activity without the help of Internet. Apart from gaining knowledge, Internet is widely used for shopping, booking tickets, paying bills, watching videos and for other activities. In order to work without any hindrance on the World Wide Web, internet speed is an important aspect. Out of all the internet speed available, Comcast offers blazing speeds with XFINITY Internet to keep you connected to the World Wide Web (WWB) around-the-clock.

XFINITY Internet from Comcast

XFINITY Internet has varying speed limits from 20Mbps to 50Mbps. You can watch movies, music videos and play online games at any time without worrying about the connection. XFINITY Internet comes in different packages named as:

  • Performance – up to 20 Mbps of download speed
  • Blast!® – up to 50 Mbps of download speed
  • Extreme 105 – up to 105 Mbps of download speed

Based upon your internet need you can pick a package from XFINITY Internet. Comcast also provides one of the fastest in-house Wi-Fi connections. This will help you and your family to stay connected on multiple devices at the same time. The blazing internet speeds that you get with XFINITY Internet can be shared among gadgets like tablets, smartphones and other portables within the house.

With XFINITY Internet you can enjoy 10GB storage and up to 7 email accounts with each internet connection. These email accounts can be used as web mail or it can be accessed via mail clients including Microsoft Outlook and Thunderbird.

XFINITY Internet is loaded with some additional benefits like Parental Controls, spyware, firewall protection, and free pop-up blockers and spam, which help in securing your personal information. Constant Guard™ is a special security solution that comes with XFINITY Internet. It includes the Norton™ Security Suite, which protects your computer against malware, viruses and other online threats. Constant Guard™ also includes the IDENTITY GUARD®, which protects your online identity including passwords, website usernames, credit card details and banking information.

Do you travel frequently? If yes, you might be in need of a standard internet connection that can be accessed at public places. Comcast offers a brilliant option that lets you stay connected to the Internet at various places in and around town. Comcast wireless internet helps you achieve this feat. Comcast has over 20,000 Wi-Fi hotspots across the country to provide internet connectivity to all customers who travel. In addition, live soccer, baseball, basketball and football games can be streamed online.

The installation procedure of XFINITY Internet is pretty simple. You can either do a self installation by following the guidelines given in the manual or ask for professional installation.