What Does Comcast® Mean by up to 30 mbps?

For those of you who are unsure of ‘What does Comcast mean by up to 30 mbps’, here’s a detailed explanation. Speed, when it comes to an internet connection is measured in terms of ‘Mbps’, which is abbreviated as Megabits per Second. In simple words, the term Mbps refers to the rate at which data is transferred to the modem. It is a terminology used in the Information Technology realm to generally specify the rate of data transfers.

What is Megabit?

Now, before we understand the term Megabit, let’s learn what a ‘Bit’ is. A bit is a data value expressed in terms of 0 and 1. This is otherwise known as Binary digits. A group of 8 bits is called a byte, and correspondingly, a megabit is equal to over 1 million bits. So in our case, 30 Mbps refers to the transfer of 30 million megabits per second. When calculated in terms of Kilobytes, it records to around 3750 kilobytes per second.

Will this internet speed be enough?

Considering the current scenario in internet usage, this speed is more than adequate. And 30 Mbps is a speed which is ideal for both – a casual user who uses the Internet to carry out some of the most basic online tasks like sending and receiving emails, checking out social networking websites and accessing pictures and presentations. And also for those avid users of the Internet who download games, movies, songs, and carryout frequent video chats, and the like.

What does that ‘Up to’ mean?

The Internet is a cluster of connected networks, where the signals are transmitted over wires. The signals which are transmitted from the servers endure a lot of factors en-route, which results in varying internet speeds. Sometimes, they may be ultra-fast and sometimes they may be low. This is the primary reason why the term ‘Up to’ is generally used when specifying internet speed. The phrase up to 30 Mbps means that under favorable conditions, the internet speed can reach up to a maximum of 30 megabits per second. And during glitches, the speed may vary accordingly.

What else do I get with Comcast?

Apart from consistent internet speeds, customers get the following services with every subscription to Comcast’s internet services:





This is a convenient feature from Comcast that assists in faster downloading of large files and content, by offering additional thrust.

Email Accounts:

With Comcast, subscribers get up to 7 Email accounts, with 10 GB of storage space each.

Security Suite:

Comcast understands internet’s increasing vulnerability to online threats, and that is why it offers an extensive security suite that defends computers and systems against potential viruses and other threats.


It acts like a central hub, where customers can access their address books, voice mails and emails online.

Apart from this, Comcast also offers internet plans and packages that deliver higher internet speeds. So, subscribe today and experience consistency at its best with the high speed internet service from Comcast.