The benefits and convenience of Wireless Internet

Being online has become a way of life for most people. You just cannot imagine even a day without the service and realize how indispensable it really is. When you can go online while you are on the go with wireless Internet, the possibilities are endless and it’s more like having your own internet service in your pocket. With several hotspots placed in strategic locations, life offline can be severely limited. With a wireless Internet connection you save a lot of time as you aren’t tied down to one place.

The wireless internet network transmits data the same way that radios and cell phones do – through radio waves that travel without any wires. However, a WiFi hotspot which is actually an access point, receives the signals in the old-fashioned way, through wires. It then converts the data into radio waves which are then broadcast into the surrounding areas. There is a range up to which the radio waves can travel. This is how you are able to get clear wireless Internet even while you are on the go. When hotspots are placed at regular intervals or in crowded areas like airports, restaurants etc. you get internet access almost all the time you are on the move.

Accessing Internet on your laptop is not all that difficult. However, when you get WiFi on your laptop it makes it a wireless Internet laptop where you don’t have messy wires dangling around. All that is required is a wireless router connected to the broadband Internet and an operating system that can support wireless networking. You will have to register with a username and password which you need to sign in with when prompted.

It is possible to connect any device like a laptop, desktop, or PDA to the Internet without WiFi or any wires. You can use wireless Internet cards, also known as Local Area Network or LAN cards which are one of the several types of adapter cards that can enable your computer. There are cards that can enable teleconferencing, enhance sound systems, and even download photos from a digital camera. These cards either come pre-installed or can be self-installed. Some laptops and computers have slots where the cards can simply be inserted and you are good to go. These can be used by multiple users at home sharing an Internet connection. Don’t worry too much about how to get wireless Internet, just call us.